Welcome to Double Diamond X Ranch!  Double Diamond X Ranch, or DDX, is a guest ranch on the upper South Fork of the Shoshone River near Cody, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park.  

We're located at the upper reaches of the Shoshone River where the road ends in the mountains and wilderness.  We're adjacent to, and surrounded by the Shoshone National Forest and Washakie Wilderness so our guests enjoy a backyard of 3 million of the wildest, most scenic acres in the country.  And, with only 9 guest cabins, you won't find crowds here.  We have a lower guest capacity than most, if not all, guest ranches in Yellowstone country.  We like it this way because it allows us to attend to our guests' needs on an individual level. 

Privacy and seclusion are balanced with the convenience of year-round accessibility as we're only 35 paved miles from the vibrant Western town of Cody, Wyoming and about 85 paved miles from Yellowstone (75 miles if you're willing to take a gravel road short cut).

DDX is family owned and operated.  The owners, Matt and Jenine Dzialak, closed the book on the life they built in southern Wyoming where they had careers in consulting and veterinary medicine.   They took a chance on starting a different life - ranching in Wyoming's Yellowstone country.  They opened DDX for business in 2014.    

The South Fork valley where DDX is located has a long history of guest ranching, with DDX being one of the oldest guest ranches in the West.  DDX, originally known as Triangle X Ranch, was homesteaded in 1914 by the Siggins family.  The guest ranch operation began in 1931 with completion of the lodge and several cabins, and operated continuously until 2004.   Then, the ranch sat vacant and unattended for nearly 10 years until Matt and Jenine brought it back to life in 2014.  Now, DDX is both a guest ranch and a working ranch with horse and agricultural programs.  With its long history, rugged and wild surroundings, historic main lodge and cabins, and - of course - cowboys and horses, Double Diamond X Ranch offers a truly authentic Wyoming experience.