The South Fork at DDX

The South Fork of the Shoshone River runs through DDX for about a mile.  Just above and adjacent to the ranch there's another mile that runs through the Shoshone National Forest that guests can fish as well.  This is a classic Rocky Mountain river, with its braided channels, pools and riffles, and cottonwood tree-lined banks.  It's also a world-class trout stream.  There's more good water here than a person can fish in a week.  This stretch, fishable nearly year-round, is known for its brown trout and Yellowstone cutthroat.  You'll also catch rainbow trout, and the occasional brook trout.  There's one more important thing to know about the South Fork of the Shoshone - it's one of the most lightly fished rivers in Yellowstone country, so you might not see another angler all day.


The South Fork of the Shoshone is only one of the world-class trout streams that the region has to offer.  We invite visitors to stay with us, fish the South Fork, and explore the area's other fishing opportunities such as the North Fork of the Shoshone, Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone, the Yellowstone River, and the Wind River - to name a few.

Streamside walking-wading guided fishing trips

We offer guided streamside walking-wading trips on the South Fork of the Shoshone River as it runs through the ranch.   Streamside walking-wading trips focus on the art of catching wild trout, understanding the timing and types of insect hatches and how they affect angler success, and on the wild and scenic beauty the South Fork valley has to offer.  This is a true wilderness fishing experience.  Our guide provides expert instruction on an individual level.  And this is private water which means that, although you may come across a moose or grizzly, you may not encounter another angler all day.    


  • Half-day guided fly fishing trip for up to three anglers: $200
  • Full-day guided fly fishing trip, including lunch, for up to three anglers: $325


Remember, a valid Wyoming fishing license is required - you can purchase a fishing license in Cody before traveling up the South Fork to DDX, or you can purchase a license online and store it on your mobile device.