The upper South Fork valley is home to the highest concentration of natural waterfall ice in the lower 48 states - this makes for some of the best ice climbing in the country.  And DDX is in the middle of it all - many routes are within minutes.  Skip the time and expense of driving back and forth to town - stay with us in the valley.  


DDX is set up to host guests, climbers and guides, and clinics of any size.  Our cabins are warm, offer hot showers, and are available even in the coldest of conditions.  


We welcome parties of 10 or more to enjoy the lodge.  With its large spaces, warm fireplaces, and fully stocked saloon, time spent in the lodge during winter can be a most memorable experience.

If you're thinking of coming to the South Fork to climb, a visit to COLDFEAR is a must - this is Aaron Mulkey's site where you'll find everything you need to know about climbing in the Valley.