Directly from the Ranch our guests have access trails that take you onto Shoshone National Forest, Washakie Wilderness, and Yellowstone National Park.  Your backyard at DDX literally is 3 million acres.  In the 700,000 acre Washakie Wilderness, machines of any kind are prohibited.  This is truly the wildest landscape in the lower 48.  There's not a single acre that doesn't have sweeping views and opportunities for viewing some of North America's most iconic wildlife -  this is a place where you can hear silence, and see grizzly bears, wolves, and endless mountains.

The turret, Shoshone National Forest (thank you Aaron Mulkey for the photo).

The Ranch is about 85 paved miles from the east gate of Yellowstone National Park.  This takes about an hour and a half to drive.  Or, if you don't mind a little gravel in your travel, we can show you a short cut that shaves 15-20 minutes off your drive.